The invisible jellyfish experiment
January 2, 2013

Weird Slime Science: The invisible jellyfish experiment
Sodium Alginate into 2ml Calcium Chloride + 20ml water

Clever football strategies
July 29, 2012

D: I’m playing football with my two invisible friends – they’re taking in in turns to be goalie. Kick – kick – score!
Me: Is it quite easy to score goals against your invisible friends?
D: Yes, because you know my invisible friends? They’re not real – they’re imaginary. Do you know anything that’s real that’s invisible?
Me: Magic?
D: No, you can see magic powers… I know – wind, because you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Invisible talking partners
July 24, 2012

D: Mum, my invisible friends are coming with me today. They’ve got their invisible book bags, and their invisible lunch boxes and… Oh – it’s not a school day! They’ve just put their invisible book bags back, but they’ve still got their invisible lunch boxes. But wait a minute – Alphie’s got some problems at home that he needs to solve – because he can’t talk yet. So he’s staying here, and Joseph’s coming to Vikki’s.

No room at the inn
July 20, 2012

D: I’m so excited about Finn having a sleepover today. I LOVE sleepovers!
Me: What’s so good about sleepovers?
D: You get to talk to your friend about what’s going on at their house and what’s going on at your house and you get to be right next to your friend even when you’re asleep. Do you know my invisible friends?
Me: No, who are they?
D: There’s two. Alphie – he’s 8 – and Joseph – he’s 10. They can go and sleep in the spare room because they like being together and there won’t be any room in my bedroom.

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