Eyelashes fit for battle
April 20, 2013

eyelashesbattleSon: Do boys have eyelashes?

Mum: [Putting on mascara] Yes, why?

Son: I didn’t think boys had them [looks in a mirror].

Mum: They do – it’s just that women make theirs look bigger by putting make up on them.

Son: Oh – it’s just the first time I’ve noticed mine.

Mum: Everyone has eyelashes – they keep the flies and dust out of our eyes. They’re like a pair of curtains or a blind on a window.

Son: Or like a shield in a battle.

Mum: Yes – or that.

Your brain = YOU
October 30, 2012

[Following a read of a book called The Human Body]

D: How does your brain make you who you are?

Me: Because your brain tells you what to think and everything you do is because your brain has told you to do it.

D: Is my brain telling me something now?

Me: I don’t know – you tell me.

D: …All I can hear is “whooosh”.

Me: Your brain just told you to say that.

D: Nooo – my brain just told me to say that??! And YOUR brain just told YOU to say that???

Me: That’s right.

D: [Starts poking at his head] Stop it, brain – go away!

Me: It’s a good thing – your brain is the most precious thing you’ll ever have. Your brain will help you to do anything you want to do!

D: Anything? Don’t go away, brain. Stay in there. Even when I’m asleep.

Human egg timer
September 29, 2012

D: Guess what? If you’re upside-down for too long blood comes out of your mouth.

Me: That’s not true – who told you that?

D: Misha told me it. So is he telling me lies?

Me: Well, he’s probably just mistaken. If you’re upside-down for a long time, blood will go to your head and your head will feel heavy. Then you’ll feel a bit dizzy when you’re the right way round again, but blood won’t come out of your mouth.

D: And then when you stand the right way round again, the blood will go back down to your feet?

Me: Yes, and you heart will help to keep it pumping around your body.

D: Oh yes – your heart has two halves and one half pumps the blood out through a tube.

Me: Did you remember that from your Human Body book?

D: No, I just knew it.

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