Feeling at home
May 26, 2013

athomeSon: Do you know where Iam comes from?

Mum: Where does he come from?

Son: He comes from Mosque!

Mum: Do you mean he goes to worship in a mosque?

Son: Yes. And he lives in a house with a special name – what’s it called?

Mum: A flat?

Son: No, he LIVES in the mosque, that’s it!

Mum: I don’t think he lives in a mosque, people don’t live there, they just go to visit. It’s a house of God.

Son: Oh. Well I just can’t remember the special name of his house.

Mum: Do you mean that he comes from a different country?

Son: Yes, I’m TALKING about his home. Where are mosques?

Mum: Well, they’re in India, Pakistan – and they’re in this country for people who come from other countries with mosques.

Son: That’s it! He lives in Pakistan and that’s why his voice is so weird! Like when our teacher says “say a”, he says “ai”.

Feeling the warmth in sunny weather
February 1, 2013


Sunny weather – Jan 2013

D: That’s you and me, that’s our house and we’re feeling all warm and toasted because the sun’s shining.

Staying warm in the wintry weather
January 20, 2013


Wintry weather – Jan 2013

D: That’s you and me all cosy in our house and there’s all snow outside. That red bit there is the fire.

A tasty year to come
January 1, 2013


2013 New Year celebration cakes

Fun with words
October 7, 2012

D: What were you doing at home today?

Me: I was working from home today because I felt a bit poorly.

D: But what have you been DOING, working?

Me: I’ve been writing lots of words on the computer and emailing lots of people.

D: That’s not work – that sounds like FUN! I wish I could do that.

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