Keys to heaven
July 31, 2012

D: What will happen if you die before me?
Me: I’m older than you, it’s right that I should die before you.
D: But no-one will look after me and I’ll be scared.
Me: Your auntie Vicky, uncle Ian and granny will look after you.
D: But I don’t know the way to granny’s… I know – I could send her a message!
Me: They would come and get you.
D: But what if you die when I’m in the house and you float up to heaven and take the keys with you? Then I’d be locked in.
Me: They would get you out. Anyway, I’m not planning on dying for a long time!
D: When will you die – when I’m a kid or an adult?
Me: Hopefully when you’re an adult.
D: I wonder if I’m going to be a grandad or a dad…?

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