Day 9: Fruit Friends for Potluck
January 9, 2014

9th Jan 2014: Fruit Friends for Potluck
Having almost forgotten about this lunchtime’s agreed potluck with some of our lovely PhD people, I ducked out to the shop and bought a few apples and plums (in keeping with my current focus on what I consume, of course). Guest Care Crew happened to have some cocktail stick flags which I deconstructed and, along with the grapes from my packed lunch, used to create these very global Fruit Friends – there just happened to be enough for one each! Contributions from others included Crackers and Hula Hoops – how apt 😉

This is Day 9 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

A junior ploughman’s
September 29, 2012

Cheese Ploughman’s – Sept 2012

D: It’s what I have when Mikayla looks after me – a Ploughman’s.




What if..?
July 14, 2012

Book: …Raisins.

Max has raisins in his lunch box.

A raisin is a dry grape.

Grapes dry in the sun. [pic]

D: How do they go all shrivelled up like that?

Me: The sun heats up the grapes and cooks them a bit, so all the water goes out of them and they shrivel up.

D: Next weekend can we put all our grapes in the oven to see what happens?

(What’s for lunch? By Shoo Rayner)

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