On Canarian Safari
September 1, 2013

Robbie The Tour Guide: 40 years ago I used to be a cowboy at the Gran Canarian Sioux City. I was shot and hung four times a day!

Dylan: How did you survive?

Robbie: We shot blanks – there were no pointy ends on the bullets, just the powder to make them go ‘bang!’.

Dylan: Did they just bounce off you then?

Robbie: They didn’t go anywhere, they just made the noise. And when I was hanged, I wore a parachute harness under my jacket – with a hook at the top.

Dylan: Did YOU have a gun?

Robbie: Yes – it was a real gun. I had to leave it behind, with my horse at the end of each day.

Dylan: What did the horse do with it?

Robbie: The horse went into the stables and I left the gun with my colleague, the sheriff. We were enemies during the day, but we were friends at the end of the day.

[Dylan looks perplexed]

Mum: He was acting, Dylan. It was his job to act – in a show about cowboys.

Dylan: Oh!

IMG_7863Robbie the Tour Guide teaching Dylan how to do the Canarian Whistle

Holiday gifts
August 23, 2013

Dylan: I want to give David a present. What can I give him? Can I buy him something?

Mum: No. You can make him something though.

Dylan: I’ve got a GREAT idea!

Mum: What’s that?

Dylan: We can do some painting again – you can do a picture for the cleaner, and I can do a picture for David!

Mum: OK. What will you paint?

Dylan: I’ll paint him a picture of the submarine we went on, because he’s not going on it.


Age 6


Age 37

Holiday pictures
August 21, 2013

(Gran Canaria holiday)
Age 6

(Gran Canaria holiday)
Age 37

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
August 18, 2013

Mum: Have a look at these videos from the other day.

Dylan: We could do Tickled Pink, Green for Growth with it!

Mum: What’s that?

Dylan: When you say two things that are nice about it and one thing that you could do to make it better next time. We do it at school, every morning at circle time when people talk about their things they’ve made.

Mum: That sounds like a great idea! Go on then – two things you like about the videos.

Dylan: I like that they had dolphins in them and they were nice and clear.

Mum: Thank you, and one thing I could do better?

Dylan: Ummm. Maybe next time you could take the video when people were quieter.

Mum: Perhaps I could take the sound off and play some music over it…

A very small world
August 11, 2013

averysmallworldDylan: Will we be at Gran Canaria on a weekend?

Mum: Yes – we’re going for two weeks, so we’ll be there for two weekends. Why?

Dylan: Because there’s a girl at KidSize – Keeley – who’s going to Gran Canaria too! Well, she thinks she’s going to Gran Canaria.

Mum: Ah OK, but maybe not at the same time as us.

Dylan: Yes, she is! She’s going on Saturday, so she’ll be there next week.

Mum: Well that’s a coincidence isn’t it?

Dylan: Yes – and It’s great that we’ll be there over a weekend, because me and Keeley are going to meet up at the swimming pool at the weekend. Maybe.

Crazy fish out of water
June 5, 2013

crazyfishSon: Next year, after this holiday – what’s the place called that we’re going to?

Mum: Gran Canaria.

Son: Yes, after Gran Canaria, can we go back to Crete?

Mum: We’ll see. I’d like to visit different countries. We could go to Egypt and you might be able to swim well enough to come snorkelling and see all the pretty fish under the water.

Son: But what about the sharks?

Mum: You don’t need to worry about sharks.

Son: I just imagined something! I imagined that we were in the sea and a shark was chasing us and we ran out of the sea onto the beach and the shark followed us – he stood on his flippers and walked onto the beach and then started singing “Gangnam Style” with a microphone!

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