A free story
July 28, 2013



“Once there lived a boy called Dylan and his mum and it is a lovely mum.”

Mum: That’s lovely!

Boy: Oh yeah that – we did it at the Free Writing Table – do you know the Free Writing Table?

Mum: Yes – that’s the table outside the classroom isn’t it?

Boy: Yes, and you’re allowed to write about whatever you want.

Mum: Ahh – and you chose to write that?

Boy: Well, Jaimie was there as well and he wrote it. He said, “I’m going to write a story about you!” And then he wrote that.

Mum: Oh. OK. What did YOU write about then?

Boy: Nothing – I didn’t have time.

Free Nelson Mandela
May 28, 2013

freenelsonSon: Once, at school, our topic was about Mandela.

Mum: Nelson Mandela?

Son: Yes, Nelson Mandela – have you seen him? Did you know – he was in prison?

Mum: No I haven’t seen him and yes, I knew he was in prison.

Son: And, remember – he was kept in there for about 17 years.

Mum: Do you know what for?

Son: No… Life! For his life. Actually, I know – they threw him in prison because they thought he was trying to overtake the government. When it was the first day that we were learning about Nelson Mandela, they showed us a picture on our whiteboard – not the packet whiteboard, the big whiteboard on the wall when you come in. Miss W. showed us a picture and told us with our talking partners to tell each other what it might be. Harvey did a silly one – he said “I think he’s a football manager!”
Remember that Nelson Mandela was the first black government?

Mum: Was he?

Son: Yeah – haven’t you read about it in the news?

Mum: Ah yes, he was made President of South Africa when he got out of prison. I also read that he won the Nobel Peace prize – did you know about that?

Son: Yes! Do you remember, when he was in prison, people were holding signs that said “Free Nelson Mandela!”?

Mum: Yes, because the people didn’t think he had done anything wrong, did they?

Son: Yes. What does “Free Nelson Mandela” mean?

Mum: It means “let him go” – they wanted him to be set free so he could leave the prison.

Freedom table
January 7, 2013

freedomtableMe: What did you get up to at school today?

D: I went to the Three Writing Table…

Me: The FREE Writing Table?

D: Yes – it’s outside our classroom.

Me: Why is it called the ‘Free Writing Table’ – can you write what you like there?

D: Or draw pictures or anything you like really.

Me: And what do YOU do there?

D: I don’t know.

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