Fighting back
March 11, 2013


Axeman – Mar 2013

D: They’re all bits of rainbow, those coloured lines. That’s Axeman up there in the corner, because he’s got a head shaped like an axe and he’s a baddie.
They’re two children who are saying: “You can’t defeat us!” Because they have those orange things, which are boxing shoes – they’re metal and they can kick right through anything – even if it’s metal. That boy’s pressing a button on his boxing shoes and they’re kicking Axeman.
They’ve also got electricity for senses and the electricity is going all around Axeman and he goes down and is never seen again!

Slippery goals
February 23, 2013

slipperygoalsD: You can wear slippers to Vikki’s in half term – you really CAN, because I saw some of the other children wearing slippers. But… I’d better wear my trainers because I’m going to Sports Camp and if I put my slippers on to go to Sports Camp I’d kick the ball and it would hurt my feet. Or I’d kick the ball and my slipper would just fly off.

Me: Yes, playing football in your slippers wouldn’t work very well would it?

D: No.

Non-slip slipper socks
February 2, 2013

nonslipD: Nanny and Grandpa got them for me – they’re slipper socks. But you can’t slip in them – do you know why?
Me: Have they got rubber pads on the bottom?
D: Yes. And they make your feet stick. Not like – pppppfoh! [Makes a sound like a sink plunger] And your feet aren’t stuck all day long – that would be boring, just standing there in the same place all day, looking at the same thing. But I tried, and I couldn’t slip in them.

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