Wild and lonely
April 17, 2013


Book Summary – Feb 2013
The Wild Girl by Christopher Wormell

The Wild Girl is clever because she can catch fish. She can make fire. She is lonely.

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Teaching Thor a lesson
February 12, 2013

teachingthorD: Do you know Thor?

Me: Thor, the God of Thunder?

D: Yeah. The one with the hammer. He’s rude.

Me: How is he rude?

D: He thought he was the only one who mattered and he pushed people over if they were too slow or if they were in his way. He was a very mean person at the start, then he learnt a lesson, then he became good.

Me: How did learn his lesson?

D: He went to the land of giants – they were goody giants, not baddy giants, and he had a huge massive bottle of water and he could only drink a teeny bit of water. And the other giants tricked him because it was sea water. Then they had a huge race and Thor was left behind, even though he was so fast. The others tricked him with a giant – it was lightening, it was real flash Lightening! So Lightening won the race. And also they had a food race, and whoever ate the fastest and best the other person won. But they tricked him – it wasn’t a giant, it was FIRE! And there was a granny, and Thor had to try and beat the granny, but before he knew it he was flat on the floor, because the granny won, but I don’t know what the granny was.

Staying warm in the wintry weather
January 20, 2013


Wintry weather – Jan 2013

D: That’s you and me all cosy in our house and there’s all snow outside. That red bit there is the fire.

Survival guide
November 18, 2012

Survival guide – Oct 2012

D: It’s a picture of me – that’s me [in green, just above centre]. We had to write words by everything. They’re the trees [left and right]; that’s a fire [centre]; that’s all the clues so that people can find the Easter eggs [blue dots]. They’re Superheroes [top] that I made out of my modelling box [right of ‘me’]. And that says ‘rope’ because we had to make a house with some rope.

Cool, calm and collected
September 13, 2012

Me: I heard there was a fire at school – what happened?

D: Yeah – it was just a little fire and the fire people came and sorted it out. They came to talk to us for a bit.

Me: What did they say?

D: I don’t know – I couldn’t hear.

Me: Was it exciting having the fire people at school?

D: Not really because we had to line up in the room and there was lots of children getting squashed by the window and you get all hot and sweaty when you get squashed. I wasn’t squashed because I was first in the line.

Fire versus ice
September 5, 2012

George and the Dragon, April 2012
D: Brave George has got a blue frozen face and a wiggly sword to stab into the dragon’s mouth.

Save our bees
September 4, 2012

Firefighter rescues burning bee – March 2012

D: That’s a bee and some flowers. One day, a fireman came along and there was lots of fire, so he went back and got his hose and he shoots water all round the fire.

Catching some rays
August 30, 2012

D: What’s the sky made out of?
Me: What do you think it’s made out of?
D: Water?
Me: The clouds are made of water. The rest is the atmosphere, made up of gases – nitrogen and oxygen.
D: What’s the sun made out of?
Me: I’m not sure, lots of gases – hydrogen and helium and carbon and something.
D: Is it fire, but melted and still hot?
Me: Yes, something like that.
D: Then why does it have bumps in? Is it where it shoots fire out?
Me: I have no idea… Ask your teacher.

Fire fighter to the rescue (once he’s peeled himself off the windscreen)!
July 30, 2012

Fire Engine – Jan 2012

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