Feeling at home
May 26, 2013

athomeSon: Do you know where Iam comes from?

Mum: Where does he come from?

Son: He comes from Mosque!

Mum: Do you mean he goes to worship in a mosque?

Son: Yes. And he lives in a house with a special name – what’s it called?

Mum: A flat?

Son: No, he LIVES in the mosque, that’s it!

Mum: I don’t think he lives in a mosque, people don’t live there, they just go to visit. It’s a house of God.

Son: Oh. Well I just can’t remember the special name of his house.

Mum: Do you mean that he comes from a different country?

Son: Yes, I’m TALKING about his home. Where are mosques?

Mum: Well, they’re in India, Pakistan – and they’re in this country for people who come from other countries with mosques.

Son: That’s it! He lives in Pakistan and that’s why his voice is so weird! Like when our teacher says “say a”, he says “ai”.

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