April 10, 2013


D: It’s a volcano, see? The hand is the lava EXPLODING out of the top!

Population explosion
September 25, 2012

D: How was the first person born if there was no-one to be born from?

Me: Well… What do you think?

D: I don’t know.

Me: Some people believe that God made two people – a man called Adam and a woman called Eve, and other people believe that there was a big explosion in the universe and all the little bits of life that came from it helped to create the first people.

D: Oh. I think it was the big bomb that exploded and made people. I’ll tell God when I see him that I think that. Is God in heaven?

Me: Some people think that God’s all around.

D: He IS NOT all around! – I never see him.

To be continued…

Bright eyes
July 24, 2012

D: I don’t like the sun – it’s too bright and you can’t look at it. If you try to look at it your eyes will explode. It’s true – my teacher told me.

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