3 mile cycle ride for Sport Relief
March 22, 2014

Dylan wanted to get involved and do something for Sport Relief this weekend, so we decided to sponsor each other to do a 3 mile cycle ride.

Including the odd pause for a chocolate power pellet and to rehydrate… and a half time break at the park… we completed our challenge in about an hour and a half!


Day 11: Treasure Hunting on Two Wheels
January 11, 2014

11th Jan 2014: Treasure Hunting on Two Wheels
This afternoon we went Geocaching and found some awesome treasure. For the first time, we BOTH took our un-stabilised bikes out together and Dylan was even able to push start himself a few times!


This is Day 11 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Day 10: Walking at Work
January 10, 2014

10th Jan 2014: Walking at Work
I’m getting the distinct impression I need to pick up my speed!

This is Day 10 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Day 8: Operation Hopscotch
January 8, 2014

8th Jan 2014: Operation Hopscotch
I didn’t manage to get outside much today – too busy with our Toastmasters Club meeting and collecting a 2nd hand Amp so I can play my EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument – again (the last amp has a disconnected plug stuck in the input socket due to an accident involving a microphone, a small child and temporary loss of balance). So here’s a humorously healthy picture, courtesy of Miranda Hart – highly relevant and with which I agree wholeheartedly 🙂 I believe it’s even zoom-able…

This is Day 8 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Day 5: Out with the old
January 5, 2014

5th Jan 2014: Leaving 2013 behind
20 minutes raking up leaves and litter from the driveway and surrounding areas, plus 60 minutes wading in my wellies by the flooded Great River Ouse at about 2.5miles/4km per hour = about 300 calories, I reckon!

This is Day 5 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Day 4: Variety – the spice of life
January 4, 2014

4th Jan 2014: A gym without reps

  • 10 minutes treadmill
  • 5 minutes weights – arms & legs
  • 5 minutes hanging knee-pulls/sit ups
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 10 minutes elliptical cross trainer
  • 5 minutes stepper/exercise bike
  • 5 minutes treadmill

= 40ish minutes and 280ish calories

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s variety and different perspectives which motivates me, rather than repetition – which reminds me of why I wanted to stop horse-riding as a child. Even though I liked riding the horses, we went the same way each week – trotting, cantering and jumping at exactly the same points every time! 🙂

This is Day 4 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Mmm… Sweaty biscuits
August 8, 2013

sweatybiscuitsMum: Did you make the cakes today or just decorate them?

Boy: We just decorated them.

Mum: How did you decorate yours?

Boy: We had to do something sporty on them and mine was awesome!

Mum: What was it?

Boy: It was me – sweating! Because I was running so much. And I really did that today – I ran a lot.
Actually it wasn’t me sweating, it was me with a swoosh behind me – you know when you’re running SO fast that the air swooshes? It tasted sooooo yummy.

Be active
June 29, 2013


Mum: Is that someone juggling [bottom right]?
Boy: No! That’s someone sweating because they’re running! They’re on a path and they’ve got to all the way to that treasure island over there [bottom left]. And do you want to know what that person’s doing [middle]? I changed the ‘A’ into a mountain and the person is sliding down a really steep mountain – weeeeeee!
Age 5

Be active!
June 19, 2013


All things in moderation…

(It’s a shame Vine video can’t be embedded within a blog post)

A challenge to walk
May 31, 2013

walkchallengeA CHALLENGE TO WALK
I won the 5-day walking challenge because I went to Vikki’s and walked for all of the days!
It was only me and Misha who won it. I thought some others might win it, but they didn’t because they’re all in their cars going, “I don’t have to walk!” And then going, “…But I want to win the 5-day walking challenge. Hey mum! Can I walk?” And their mums can’t hear because they’re listening to music in their headphones. “Hey mum! Can I walk?” And their mums say, “No darling, because I can’t leave you alone.”

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