Facing animated fears
June 12, 2013

“We watched Scooby-Doo.”
Age 5

That’s you and me, on the sofa, with the mat thing and the cushions [right] and that’s the telly with Scooby Doo and his friend in it [left].

Storytelling Man
March 19, 2013

storytellingmanD: We had a new man come into our class today. He was the story man – he read us stories.

Me: Did he? Who was that then? Was it someone’s dad?

D: I can’t remember his name. I don’t know if it was someone’s dad.

Me: Was it good?

D: Yes!

Me: Did he just read stories to your class?

D: No, he read to the whole school.

Me: In the hall?

D: No, he went to all the classrooms.

Me: Wow, that must have taken him a long time. Did he read the same stories to all the classes?

D: I don’t know… Yes! He did, because he said in another class he asked what you should do with babies and a boy said, “Put them in the bin!” And he said, “That’s wrong isn’t it? You don’t put babies in the bin!”

Me: That’s true. What did you say?

D: I didn’t say anything, he didn’t choose me. It was really funny when he said “LOOK! There’s something wrong with my fingers: Open! [D closes fingers] Close! [D opens fingers] Open! [D closes fingers] Close! [D opens fingers] Open! [D closes fingers] Close! [D opens fingers] That’s funny isn’t it?

Me: Yes, they’re doing the opposite of what you’re saying.

Me: He talked to me at the end when we had snack time – I said “You’re funny!” and he said “Thank you. You’re funny too.” Then I said “Thank you. you’re funny!” Then he said “You’re funny!” And I said “You’re funny!” Then “You’re funny!” And “You’re funny!” And I left to go out for break time before he could say anything. Then he walked past me later in the playground and said “You’re funny!”

Me: Is he going to come in every week?

D: Not EVERY week, no. Just sometimes.

That’s magic!
January 5, 2013

thatsmagicMe: So how did your magic show go at Vikki’s today?

D: Fantastical!
I got ready – they all sat down and went “Eeeee!” I did go all shy.
Then I said, “I need an audience for this one.” And I chose Amy.

Me: What did you get Amy to do?

D: She helped me undo the knot in the ribbon so I could do the trick where you do pick up the ribbon with both your hands and do a knot in it and not let go.

Me: How did the magic box trick go?

D: Good – All the children were tapping the wand on the box and when they opened it the ribbons were still there!

Me: So they didn’t know how you’d done it then?

D: No, they didn’t see me move the end of the box!

Me: That’s good they didn’t see – that’s the trick.

D: Yes, if the button was on the side and BIGGER, then they would see me do it. And if they say, “Why were you putting your hand behind the box?” I can say, “Just because I wanted to!”

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