Glass half empty or half full?
September 8, 2013

Glass half empty or half full?

Dylan: Can I have a slush puppy?

Mum: Not at the moment. I’ve only just bought you an ice cream.

Dylan: It’s not fair!

Mum: It’s more than fair – I’ve not said no; just not right now. You’re wanting everything at once and things don’t work that way.
OK – if you have a drink and the level of the drink is half the height of the glass, would you see it as half empty or half full?

Dylan: [Thinks for a long time] Half empty?

Mum: There’s no right answer, but it shows how you can think about things in different ways. If you think the glass is half empty, you might always be sad and looking for more, which may never come. You might forget about what you’ve already got too – which will already be more than some other people have. If you think of it as the glass is half full, you’ll be glad that you’ve got some lovely drink and appreciate it more. It might even taste nicer! Do you understand?

Dylan: Yes, the glass is half full… But I’m only half glad about it.

Rapidly diminishing resources
September 3, 2012

D: I LOVE this pudding – it’s the best ice cream ever! I’m going to call it… ‘Chocolate Ice Cream Strawberry World’. No, I got that the wrong way round. It’s ‘Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream World’ – no, I mean ‘Chocolate Sauce Ice Cream Strawberry World’.

Me: ‘…With a Wafer’?

D: No, I’ve ate the wafer.
…There’s only ONE strawberry left – now it’s just ‘Strawberry World’.
…Now it’s just ‘Spoon World’.

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