Baby recipe
February 22, 2013

babyrecipeD: Are you going to have another baby?

Me: Not at the moment.

D: Why? I really want a brother or a sister – please!

Me: It takes some special ingredients to make a baby.

D: Oh yes – I remember! If you really want a baby you have to write a list to Santa, and if you REALLY want one then he gives one to you. There’s two presents that go through the keyhole. One’s a nut and one’s an egg. You eat the egg and the nut – no it’s a seed – and they mix together and grow and that’s how you get kids and childs and babies. So can you write to Santa?

Me: Hmmmm.

The Food Chain: Crocodile-Robot-Chocolate
October 3, 2012


Robot Treasure Hunt – Sept 2012

D: That’s a robot and he’s doing an Easter Egg hunt – that’s a chocolate ladybird, and that’s a chocolate egg [in green, bottom right]. That’s a crocodile [in black, bottom right] and that’s a flag to start the race [centre].





Creating life (and skin)
August 17, 2012

D: How do babies get skin?
Me: What do you mean? Skin’s part of their bodies. It grows with them when they’re in their mummy’s tummies.
D: Oh… And how are babies made?
Me: Well …it’s like plants; two things get put together – a seed and an egg. Mix them together and you get a baby growing.
D: Ah – I remember! You said before – there’s a man and a woman and the man gives a tiny present through a keyhole and that present helps to make a baby grow. You already told me it!

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