Book of dreams
May 23, 2013


Son: It’s about a boy who dreams about being a spaceman. That picture on the cover’s the world. That yellow picture is the boy in bed – there’s the ladders. I know – it looks flat.

Mum: Why has he got 8 arms & legs?

Son: They’re not arms and legs! They’re on the bed – under the covers. They hold the bed up, otherwise why would he need the ladders?

Mum: Ah! Of course. What’s the story then?

Son: Once upon a time there lived a boy, he lived with his mummy and daddy. I was going to do it in chapters, then then I didn’t have time. Chapter 2 is when he had his dream and Chapter 1 is just telling you what’s first.

Appearances can be deceptive
December 7, 2012


D: One day at school there was a monster smashing up all the cars. It was after the fun had happened.
We were all sitting round in a circle, seeing what words were called out and getting them to say what they were. My one was saying what portrait and landscape was, and Jaimie said it before me. I said to Miss Draisy that I was about to say that, and she went to the medal cupboard and I got a medal.

After that there was a HUGE monster outside – it’s got you in this bit – it was smashing up ALL the cars. It wasn’t going to smash OUR car though.

Then it turned into a little animal – a cute little monkey. I went to check our car and it wasn’t smashed up. I went to see the monkey – I thought he was eating our car, so I went to pull him off, but he wasn’t, he was kissing it!

Then he went off with his monkey mum he said “Bye bye!” And I said “Bye bye!” Back.

A Christmas dream
November 21, 2012

D: I dreamed about Christmas last night!

Me: Did you? What happened in your dream?

D: I was all cosy in my bed, and I woke up, and there was a tree with some presents upstairs and another tree with some presents downstairs. I looked ALL around upstairs, but I couldn’t find a present for me – then I went downstairs, where there was a BEAUTIFUL gold present for me!

Me: Wow. Where were you in this dream?

D: I was at Auntie Vicky and Uncle Ian’s, and my dad was there.

Me: Strange. Was it a big present or a small present that you found?

D: It was a big present, with beautiful gold wrapping!

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