Book of dreams
May 23, 2013


Son: It’s about a boy who dreams about being a spaceman. That picture on the cover’s the world. That yellow picture is the boy in bed – there’s the ladders. I know – it looks flat.

Mum: Why has he got 8 arms & legs?

Son: They’re not arms and legs! They’re on the bed – under the covers. They hold the bed up, otherwise why would he need the ladders?

Mum: Ah! Of course. What’s the story then?

Son: Once upon a time there lived a boy, he lived with his mummy and daddy. I was going to do it in chapters, then then I didn’t have time. Chapter 2 is when he had his dream and Chapter 1 is just telling you what’s first.

Wishing upon a star
December 10, 2012


Rock star wish – Nov 2012

D: That’s me, making a wish. And the wish is… to be a rock star!

Appearances can be deceptive
December 7, 2012


D: One day at school there was a monster smashing up all the cars. It was after the fun had happened.
We were all sitting round in a circle, seeing what words were called out and getting them to say what they were. My one was saying what portrait and landscape was, and Jaimie said it before me. I said to Miss Draisy that I was about to say that, and she went to the medal cupboard and I got a medal.

After that there was a HUGE monster outside – it’s got you in this bit – it was smashing up ALL the cars. It wasn’t going to smash OUR car though.

Then it turned into a little animal – a cute little monkey. I went to check our car and it wasn’t smashed up. I went to see the monkey – I thought he was eating our car, so I went to pull him off, but he wasn’t, he was kissing it!

Then he went off with his monkey mum he said “Bye bye!” And I said “Bye bye!” Back.

A Christmas dream
November 21, 2012

D: I dreamed about Christmas last night!

Me: Did you? What happened in your dream?

D: I was all cosy in my bed, and I woke up, and there was a tree with some presents upstairs and another tree with some presents downstairs. I looked ALL around upstairs, but I couldn’t find a present for me – then I went downstairs, where there was a BEAUTIFUL gold present for me!

Me: Wow. Where were you in this dream?

D: I was at Auntie Vicky and Uncle Ian’s, and my dad was there.

Me: Strange. Was it a big present or a small present that you found?

D: It was a big present, with beautiful gold wrapping!

Mountaineering parents
October 24, 2012

I was playing with children from Reception, and I asked the teacher if James had invited me to his party, because she had the list. She said “no”, she said “but your dad’s going”, and I can’t remember which other adult she said was going with him. At home time, all the other kids’ mums and dads had to say goodbye to them, because most of the adults were going to climb mountains for some days – only up to the snow bit ’cause they might fall off. Some children cried because they didn’t want their parents to leave. That’s the end of it.

A unique aroma
September 22, 2012

D: I had a BAD dream… A four-armed monster came out of its hiding place and chased me. There were other children there, but it wanted to chase ME! And it was shouting “Come ‘ere Stinky!”

A puzzle of a dream
July 15, 2012

Son: I had a funny dream last night.

Mum: What did you dream?

Son: Me and Danny built a puzzle and Danny got tired and went to bed. Then the biggest puzzle piece came to life and went running to Danny’s bedroom faster than dogs and cats. He was the fastest runner ever. The giant piece made a noise and Danny woke up. He looked at his door and the handle was pushed down. The giant piece came in and said “Hello Danny, would you like to build a puzzle with Dylan?” Danny said “I would, but I’m tired. So the giant piece said “OK” and we both said “Goodbye” and went home.

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