Seven soldiers: #4 – Doc
January 18, 2013


Doc the Soldier – Jan 2013

D: It’s Doc and he’s reading the book I made.

Pirates, sea-legs and swimming
November 16, 2012

Pirates, boats and beaches – Nov 2012

D: It’s pirates – they’re the beaches [circles at the top], with trees on them and an ‘X marks the spot’. That’s the boat [centre], and I did someone swimming there [below the boat] – that’s their hair going up.
That one’s [left] got poorly legs because they’re all bendy and he needs to go to the doctor – a pirate doctor.

Shiny buttons
October 12, 2012

D: Did it hurt when I got the fly out of your eye?

Me: No, you were very gentle – Doctor Dylan.

D: Yes, I’m a doctor – like in Crete, when I made my tummy-ache go away. And I’m a scientist – remember – from my birthday? And I’m a money-finder. A doctor, a scientist and a money-finder.

Me: That sounds like a good mixture of things to be.

D: Yes, I’m REALLY good at finding money on the floor. I’ll find some for you, because you said you don’t have any…
Look! Oh, it’s a button… But it’s sparkly! Do you want it?

Me: Not really, thanks for asking though. It wouldn’t match any of my other buttons.

D: You want them to match?!

A portfolio career
August 14, 2012

D: My tummy hurts – why?
Me: You could be hungry, or need the toilet, or you could be poorly.
D: I’m definitely not hungry, and I don’t need the toilet. I must be poorly!
Me: Oh dear, you’ll have to go to bed early and miss the kids disco.
D: Well my heart’s still going, and I’m feeling better now. I’m being a doctor.
Me: You make a good doctor.
D: I’m not a bug explorer any more, I’m half money-finder and half doctor – THIS half of my body is a money-finder and THIS half is a doctor. My arms are just normal… And my hands are just normal.

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