Robots in disguise
April 26, 2013

robotsindisguiseMum: Who’s Bumblebee?

Son: Bumblebee’s a Transformer.

Mum: Ah he must look like a bee?

Son: Yes, and he talks like this “buzz, buzz”. He turns into a car too. Because he’s a robot.

Mum: Oh yes – ‘robots in disguise’!

Son: What’s ‘disguise’?

Mum: It’s when you try and make yourself look like something else – like people might put different clothes on and wear a wig.

Son: Transformers do NOT wear wigs! How could wigs turn into cars? They’re metal!
Bulkhead is the strongest one of all, but he keeps getting killed. That’s not very strong is it?
They think he’s dead when he lies down not moving, but he’s actually not.

Mum: Maybe he’s just having a break.

Son: No the Autobots never ever have a break – not even Bulkhead.

Crafty Crocodiles
December 8, 2012

craftycrocsD: I had a bad dream – it was a nightmare!

Me: What was it?

D: You and me went to a shop and we bought a crocodile. It wasn’t a real crocodile – it was a statue.
Then, when we got home, I thought “I’m not scared of this!” And I touched it. It broke into pieces, and you there was all real crocodiles inside that moved around. One of the crocodiles got hold of my hair and passed it to the other crocodile, who ate part of my head and drank my blood. He liked my head and blood SO much that he ate all of me and I was dead.

Me: That’s probably because of the book we’re reading. But you’ve not really had your head eaten by a crocodile, have you?

D: No.

The Lamb who Came for Dinner
November 28, 2012

The Lamb who Came for Dinner – Nov 2012

D: Once upon a time there lived an old wolf. One day a happy little lamb knocked on the door, the wolf ate the…

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