School dinner and brain surgery
January 14, 2013


D: I LOVE that type of fish we had at school today!

Me: What sort of fish was it?

D: You know the fish that’s crusty?

Me: Was it battered?

D: No, you know the one that’s a flattened circle?

Me: I think the menu said it was fish in batter. Was the fish inside, with a crunchy coat on it?

D: Yes – it was orange outside. How do they make it? Do they kill the fish, then make it into the crunchy shapes, then chop the tail off?

Me: Something like that!

D: Do they suck the blood out first?

Me: Yes, there’s no blood in it when you eat it.

D: And they take the bones out, and the inside bits out… Do they take the brain out?

Me: Yes.

D: Yuck! I’d like to see that. I’d like to try taking a brain out, just to see. I’d have to wear gloves though, because it would be all yucky. Not the gloves I wear outside though – that would be silly – gloves like in my science kit.

The Lamb who Came for Dinner
November 28, 2012

The Lamb who Came for Dinner – Nov 2012

D: Once upon a time there lived an old wolf. One day a happy little lamb knocked on the door, the wolf ate the…

Dressing for dinner
August 18, 2012

D: It’s too hot to wear a t-shirt – I don’t want to wear one.
Me: You need to wear a top for dinner.
D: Why?
Me: Because everyone dresses nicely for dinner.
D: Why aren’t they allowed to dress horribly?
Me: That’s not what I mean – everyone just has to have a top on.
D: Are you allowed to dress funny?
Me: It depends who you’re sitting with and whether they’d find it funny.
D: What about crumbling up a pie and wearing it as a moustache – would that be OK?

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