Defensive headgear
March 17, 2013


Wormman – Mar 2013

D: There’s Wormman – he’s a bad guy. See he’s a worm? Look, he has arms and legs – that’s why he’s called Wormman. See those lines? They’re metal spikes. I didn’t get time to put them on his head. If he spikes them on metal though – like on a robot – they would kill him. So he doesn’t spike robots, because he knows.

Personal space
December 15, 2012

personalspaceD: Hippos are dangerous – we learned it in school today. Some people think they’re – y’know – kind. BUT if you go onto their piece of land, they will ATTACK you! And they eat humans. Did you know that?

Me: You’d better not go onto their piece of land then.

D: No, or they will ATTACK! And gobble me all up.

A defensive game plan
October 2, 2012


Hulk and the Swords – Sept 2012

D: That’s Hulk [top left], they’re all his swords [in red] and that’s the United States of America flag to start the race.





Defensive, extinct and blind
July 28, 2012

D: Hedgehogs are spiky and they roll up into balls.
Me: Yes, when they’re scared, or when they’re sleeping.
D: Or when they see a shadow and think it’s a dinosaur.
Me: They wouldn’t see any dinosaurs – there aren’t any dinosaurs now, they’re extinct – they all died a long time ago.
D: Why did they all die?
Me: Because the weather changed and they couldn’t find any more food.
D: Was it rainy?
Me: No, it was icy – and they couldn’t find any food in the ice.
D: Oh… Mum, do bats live now?
Me: Yes they do.
D: Well I never see any!
Me: That’s because they sleep in the day and come out to play at night.
D: Why do they come out at night and not in the morning?
Me: Because – you know how they can’t see? – Well it’s quieter at night, so they can hear more.
D: Like snoring?

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