Into production for Dylan’s Sweet Shop!
December 14, 2014

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Coming soon to local events!

Nemeno the Halloween Spider
October 28, 2013

Nemeno the Halloween Spider – on a web of cheese
Created by Dylan, age 6.

Mmm… Sweaty biscuits
August 8, 2013

sweatybiscuitsMum: Did you make the cakes today or just decorate them?

Boy: We just decorated them.

Mum: How did you decorate yours?

Boy: We had to do something sporty on them and mine was awesome!

Mum: What was it?

Boy: It was me – sweating! Because I was running so much. And I really did that today – I ran a lot.
Actually it wasn’t me sweating, it was me with a swoosh behind me – you know when you’re running SO fast that the air swooshes? It tasted sooooo yummy.

Apple for the teacher
July 23, 2013

Apple for the teacher


(Cunningly disguised using icing, gold and silver sugar balls, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on the bottom.)

Age 6

Origami for beginners
December 12, 2012


Cat – Origami & Felt-tip – Dec 2012

D: It’s a cat. They’re his pointy ears at the top.

Creating life (and skin)
August 17, 2012

D: How do babies get skin?
Me: What do you mean? Skin’s part of their bodies. It grows with them when they’re in their mummy’s tummies.
D: Oh… And how are babies made?
Me: Well …it’s like plants; two things get put together – a seed and an egg. Mix them together and you get a baby growing.
D: Ah – I remember! You said before – there’s a man and a woman and the man gives a tiny present through a keyhole and that present helps to make a baby grow. You already told me it!

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