Merry Christmas everyone!
December 25, 2012


Blue God
November 13, 2012

Diwali, Festival of Light – Nov 2012

D: It’s what we’re learning about at school. It’s a God thing.

Me: What sort of God thing?

D: I can’t remember – it starts with ‘V’. [Diwali]

Me: Who is it a picture of?

D: I copied it from a picture that had lots of gods in it. It’s the blue one. I can’t remember which one he’s called… [Krishna]

Coloured rings
November 4, 2012

Coloured Rings – October 2012

D: It’s what we play in P.E. – it’s called Coloured Rings, and you have to get into a coloured ring when you’re told to, and then the teacher takes them away and you have to find another one to get in.

Robot with bling
September 12, 2012

Metal and robots – May 2012

D: A metal robot in my favourite colour – gold

What’s in a name?
September 10, 2012

Spring flowers – May 2012

D: Bluebells and pink Bluebells

Colourful canine
July 19, 2012

Dog – a colourful one
July 2012

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