Zompataurus: A new species of dinosaur – designed and built to spec
July 29, 2013



Having a giggle
May 3, 2013

havingagiggleSon: In Gigglebiz on CBeebies people are always cooking and, every time they cook, they put one of Tony’s things in – like his old boots, or his socks, or his tie, or his trousers!

Mum: That wouldn’t taste very nice would it?

Son: No – and do you know why they do it? Because it’s on Gigglebiz and that’s where they do lots of stuff that’s funny – lots of silly stuff!

Powerful materials
April 13, 2013

powerfulmaterials[Just about to read a book entitled: Materials: Their properties and uses]

D: Mum, I’ve got to tell you something – it’s about my trousers. There’s a tissue in the pocket, I had a runny nose this morning so I popped it in there just in case I needed it. But we need to take it out otherwise it will BREAK the washing machine!

The clothing process
January 26, 2013


The clothes machine

Me: Look, Dylan – I got your clothes machine ready for you, so you can get dressed quickly, like you did before!

D: No tops, Mum – it doesn’t work with them! Look – if I start at this end and put the T-Shirt on, then the shirt, then I’ll put my head in my pants, then in my trousers and then in my socks – and my head won’t fit in my socks. The tops can’t be part of the machine.

Dressing for dinner
August 18, 2012

D: It’s too hot to wear a t-shirt – I don’t want to wear one.
Me: You need to wear a top for dinner.
D: Why?
Me: Because everyone dresses nicely for dinner.
D: Why aren’t they allowed to dress horribly?
Me: That’s not what I mean – everyone just has to have a top on.
D: Are you allowed to dress funny?
Me: It depends who you’re sitting with and whether they’d find it funny.
D: What about crumbling up a pie and wearing it as a moustache – would that be OK?

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