Nemeno the Halloween Spider
October 28, 2013

Nemeno the Halloween Spider – on a web of cheese
Created by Dylan, age 6.

A junior ploughman’s
September 29, 2012

Cheese Ploughman’s – Sept 2012

D: It’s what I have when Mikayla looks after me – a Ploughman’s.




Taste the difference
August 24, 2012

D: Taste that cheese – it’s not our cheese.
Me: It’s tasty – different’s good.
D: Why is it good?
Me: Because if nothing was different, all food would be the same, and countries would be the same, and people would be the same – how boring would that be?
D: Yeah Рand houses would be the same, and  clothes would be the same, and hairstyles would be the same, and friends would be the same, and everyone would have the same name, and coloured pens would be the same.
Me: How boring would that be – to only have one colour for drawing pictures with?
D: Yes… I don’t want this cucumber. I don’t like it – it’s different.

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