A real changing chameleon
July 13, 2013


It’s a chameleon, but I’m a bit disappointed because its tail’s changed – I didn’t paint a purple tail. I painted all different colours in that curly bit. And I painted its sides red and white like a candy cane. And I gave it a red head. And I didn’t paint its feet all multi-coloured. It’s changed colours!
Age 6

Arty animals
April 1, 2013


Arty Animals – by Dylan

D: This is the one I did today – arty animals. You can do it different colours if you like, and you have to draw everything you can remember doing at Art Club. And I can remember the giraffe, the zebra, the chameleon and the peacock and the fish and the puppy.

Me: A puppy?

D: Yes. If we wanted, we could draw an animal that we haven’t done before too. And I drawed a puppy.

Canny chameleon
March 28, 2013



D: It’s a chameleon! You know chameleons can change colour can’t they?

Colourful Chameleon
February 10, 2013

chameleon Multicoloured chameleon – Feb 2013

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