Where am I?
August 26, 2012

D: You know in this picture, where Auntie Vicky and Uncle Ian fell in love and got married?
Me: Well they fell in love before and that picture was taken when they got married afterwards – but yes?
D: Where was I?
Me: You weren’t here yet.
D: Did the boy and the girl still have to make the present?
Me: Yes.
D: When the baby gets in, does it go “Huh? Where am I? Huh? I might be in a lost cave.” Because your belly’s like a cave?
Me: Probably.
D: Do boys get babies?
Me: No.
D: Why?
Me: Because boys don’t have a space in their bodies for a baby to grow.
D: Not even their brain?
Me: No.
D: Not even their creepy skeleton?
Me: No.
D: Not even their muscles?
Me: No.
D: Not even their teeth?
Me: No.

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