Dog’s best friend
June 27, 2013



It’s Scooby Doo and that’s his best friend, Shaggy. I couldn’t remember what colour top Shaggy has, so I coloured it black.
Age 5

Windy dog
February 27, 2013


Waggy Dog Tail

D: It’s a dog and I wanted to show its tail going really fast, so I drew some wind there!

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Handy, pocket-sized pet
January 4, 2013


Pet dog – Nov 2012

D: It’s my pet dog – not a Pillow Pet – just a pet. Amy the adult at Vikki’s drew the face and I drew the rest of it. They’re patches on it’s body.

Me: Is it lying down or running?

D: It’s standing up – with its legs.

Dog talk
November 19, 2012

D: There was something really funny that I saw in an advert. There was this trick – it was number 21. It was something that you put on the floor and then a mummy came along and saw it and told the dog off because it was a pretend poo! How funny is that? Because the dog didn’t know what she said and he just looked at her like, “Huh?’!

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Sausage dog
October 18, 2012

Sausage dog – Oct 2012

It’s a long, sausage dog – they’re its ears and its fur’s got patches on.

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