On Canarian Safari
September 1, 2013

Robbie The Tour Guide: 40 years ago I used to be a cowboy at the Gran Canarian Sioux City. I was shot and hung four times a day!

Dylan: How did you survive?

Robbie: We shot blanks – there were no pointy ends on the bullets, just the powder to make them go ‘bang!’.

Dylan: Did they just bounce off you then?

Robbie: They didn’t go anywhere, they just made the noise. And when I was hanged, I wore a parachute harness under my jacket – with a hook at the top.

Dylan: Did YOU have a gun?

Robbie: Yes – it was a real gun. I had to leave it behind, with my horse at the end of each day.

Dylan: What did the horse do with it?

Robbie: The horse went into the stables and I left the gun with my colleague, the sheriff. We were enemies during the day, but we were friends at the end of the day.

[Dylan looks perplexed]

Mum: He was acting, Dylan. It was his job to act – in a show about cowboys.

Dylan: Oh!

IMG_7863Robbie the Tour Guide teaching Dylan how to do the Canarian Whistle

Holiday gifts
August 23, 2013

Dylan: I want to give David a present. What can I give him? Can I buy him something?

Mum: No. You can make him something though.

Dylan: I’ve got a GREAT idea!

Mum: What’s that?

Dylan: We can do some painting again – you can do a picture for the cleaner, and I can do a picture for David!

Mum: OK. What will you paint?

Dylan: I’ll paint him a picture of the submarine we went on, because he’s not going on it.


Age 6


Age 37

Holiday pictures
August 21, 2013

(Gran Canaria holiday)
Age 6

(Gran Canaria holiday)
Age 37

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