Old and lazy
April 12, 2013

oldandlazyD: My teacher says that when you get older you get a bit lazier. I wish I was younger, so I could brush my teeth faster.

Me: You’re not that old! If you were much younger you wouldn’t have any teeth to brush!

D: Oh yes, because I’d be a baby and babies don’t have teeth… So, because YOU’RE old, you’re really lazy!

Into a shark’s mouth
April 7, 2013

sharksmouthMe: You have 10 minutes left to get washed and brush your teeth!

D: I can’t do it.

Me: There’s no such thing as can’t.

D: There is – when you can’t do something!

Me: If you try hard enough you can do anything!

D: What about jumping into a shark‘s mouth?

Me: Well… I guess, if you train really hard and you get the right sort of shark – a pretend shark or a model shark…

D: What would be the point in that?

Me: Umm… art?

D: Maybe if it was a friendly shark it would let you back out again.

Me: Maybe – if it didn’t have teeth.

D: Yes – but all sharks have teeth!

Man and machine
September 4, 2012

Me: Hurry up and brush your teeth!

D: I’ve got an idea that’s going to make it quicker; I’m building a machine! This is my machine:
You hold a cup under the tap and it catches the water. Then you dip your toothbrush in the cup, and then you clean your teeth – superfast! It’s called ‘SpeedyTeeth’. [Brushes teeth]
…How quick was that? Was it just in one minute?

Me: Yes.

D: Now I’m going to build a machine for getting dressed quickly. You might remember this machine… [Lays his clothes and shoes out in the shape of a person.]
Do you remember it?

Me: Yes.

D: Yeah – you know this machine – it’s called ‘Invisible Man Dress that Comes Alive and Gets Dressed’ – it makes me get dressed quicker [climbs into clothes].
Top…Trousers… Oh man – I forgot my pants and socks in the machine!

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