Boys allowed
June 3, 2013

boysallowedSon: If you use Finish Quantum, the glasses will be MUCH sparklier. Over 100 girls have used Finish Quantum.

Mum: Have they – no men?

Son: No, because it’s FOR girls.

Mum: Why is it for girls?

Son: There’s this advert and it says, “This is for girls and over a thousand girls have tried Finish Quantum”.

Mum: Why do you think it might be just for girls?

Son: Because it said it was just for girls. The boys weren’t allowed to see.

Mum: Everybody needs to wash dishes – dishwasher tablets are for boys and girls.

Son: Well, maybe I got muddled up with something else that was just for girls.

Mum: They might have just shown girls on the advert, which made you think it was just for girls.

Son: Well the advert had squares with people’s faces on there and there was just girls’ faces, no boys’ faces.

Mum: They’re naughty then – they should have had some boys in there.

Son: Yeah, boys HAVE to have tried it by now!

Hearts and badges
June 2, 2013

badgeonsleeveMum: What’s this in your book bag?

Son: Oh that’s from Lucy from her holiday. It’s a heart and she writed my name on it. Leo and Jaimie got badges but she only had two badges so she gave the rest of us boys hearts.
Jaimie said he was going to ask his mum if they could go to a shop and buy some more badges so I could have one.

Where am I?
August 26, 2012

D: You know in this picture, where Auntie Vicky and Uncle Ian fell in love and got married?
Me: Well they fell in love before and that picture was taken when they got married afterwards – but yes?
D: Where was I?
Me: You weren’t here yet.
D: Did the boy and the girl still have to make the present?
Me: Yes.
D: When the baby gets in, does it go “Huh? Where am I? Huh? I might be in a lost cave.” Because your belly’s like a cave?
Me: Probably.
D: Do boys get babies?
Me: No.
D: Why?
Me: Because boys don’t have a space in their bodies for a baby to grow.
D: Not even their brain?
Me: No.
D: Not even their creepy skeleton?
Me: No.
D: Not even their muscles?
Me: No.
D: Not even their teeth?
Me: No.

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