Boxing kid
June 14, 2013

boxingkidMum: What are you doing?

Son: I’m boxing – I’m being a boxing kid. Imagine if I went to training every day and I got really good and I was against adults and they say to me, “What kind of kid is this?” and I say, “I’m a boxing kid! And I train every day and this is my boxing lesson!”

Fall guy
July 27, 2012

D: We did boxing at sports camp today. Do you know what boxing is?

Me: You tell me; what’s boxing?

D: You put on some big, squishy gloves and you bash someone who’s wearing a helmet and they fall over.

Me: How did you do?

D: Well, I couldn’t make anyone fall over. Edward kept bashing me and I kept falling over, but he said he’d let me win some games in the football. Sometimes we both just fell over, it was so funny!

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