Day 18: Best conditions for healthy growth
January 18, 2014

18th Feb 2014: Light v Dark Experiment
Day 18 of a 30-day Post-A-Healthy-Picture challenge &
Day 5 of the 1st Stony Stratford Beaver Scouts Chickpea Experiment!

Hearts and badges
June 2, 2013

badgeonsleeveMum: What’s this in your book bag?

Son: Oh that’s from Lucy from her holiday. It’s a heart and she writed my name on it. Leo and Jaimie got badges but she only had two badges so she gave the rest of us boys hearts.
Jaimie said he was going to ask his mum if they could go to a shop and buy some more badges so I could have one.

Navigating the waters of life
January 3, 2013


D: Jordon didn’t even have to help me and I swam underneath the flag. You have to poke your head down and you’re not even allowed to do anything under water. All you have to do is this… [puffs cheeks out and moves arms round in circles]

Seasonal badges
October 23, 2012

A pair of autumn leaf badges – Oct 2012

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