Bad and unkind
May 1, 2013


Red Riding Hood: The wolf is bad and unkind.

Being a good friend
December 1, 2012

Anti-Bullying Week : Being a good friend – Nov 2012

D: That’s a bad friend [left], they’re sticking their tongue out when I’ve said “Can I play a game with you?” and they’ve said “No you can’t!”
And that’s me [right] – I cry and say “Hey!”

A unique aroma
September 22, 2012

D: I had a BAD dream… A four-armed monster came out of its hiding place and chased me. There were other children there, but it wanted to chase ME! And it was shouting “Come ‘ere Stinky!”

A changed outlook
September 20, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf – Sept 2012

D: We had to write whether the wolf’s a goodie or a baddie, so I wrote ‘baddie’. There’s different parts of the wolf’s body all around: That’s his curly tail [bottom left]; that’s his ANGRY face [right]; and that’s a picture of all of him [top left] – he’s supposed to have an ANGRY face, but I forgot and did a smiley face by an accident.




Model behaviour
September 7, 2012

Homework from school: make a model about goodies and baddies for their display. Sept 2012

D: The baddie [left] looks SCARY and he’s got a spider on him and fangs and big ears and three legs and I’ve drawn a monster on the back.

The goodie’s [right] smiling and I’ve drawn a balloon round the back, and a sweet for me and a sweet for you.

State of mind
September 7, 2012

Me: Why did you behave so badly this morning?

D: My brain controls me. I can’t help it!

Me: You CAN help it – change it!

D: What, my brain? Take a bit out and put another bit in?

Me: No, but you can flick a switch to think in a different way.

D: Actually, there IS a switch! Every time I roll over, it knocks the switch and my brain thinks different ways. There’s four ways:
1. Being nice
2. Being bad
3. Playing nicely with people and not rough
4. Fighting with bad people
…I’ve just put the bad one in the rubbish bin in my head. So now there’s only three ways.

Be prepared for lunch on the go
August 12, 2012

Synopsis of kids club puppet show:
D: The girls knock on the door, say they have come for lunch and when they were eating lunch, another knock on the door  – baddies. They say “we want to fry you like pumpkin and eat you alive!” then they catched them and took them away to a cave. Then they had some yummy food for us in their pocket and we looked at it and I thought “yum” and the other baddies looked at it and thought it looked “yum” too. Then we ate it all up and we turned into goodies, and that was the end of the show.
Me: Who had the food in their pockets? The girls who were having their lunch and got taken to the cave?
D: Yes, but it’s not real – it’s pretend!

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