Signalling your presence
June 18, 2013

signallingpresBoy: Because you’ve not rided a bike for ages, I’ll lead. Put your feet on the pedals, like this. Then push down one pedal and you can start moving. If you feel like you’re out of control or going too fast you press your brakes like this. If there’s a person or a car coming you have to ding your bell so they know that you’re there [dings his bell].

Mum: I haven’t got a dinger.

Boy: OK, you’ll have to clap or whistle then. When someone’s coming, or a car, I’ll ding and you clap or whistle. Actually, don’t clap – you’ll just fall off. Can you whistle?

Mum: Not when I’m laughing!

Cool, calm and collected
September 13, 2012

Me: I heard there was a fire at school – what happened?

D: Yeah – it was just a little fire and the fire people came and sorted it out. They came to talk to us for a bit.

Me: What did they say?

D: I don’t know – I couldn’t hear.

Me: Was it exciting having the fire people at school?

D: Not really because we had to line up in the room and there was lots of children getting squashed by the window and you get all hot and sweaty when you get squashed. I wasn’t squashed because I was first in the line.

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