Day 19: A hint of progress
January 19, 2014

19th Feb 2014: Heading in the right direction

This is Day 19 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

Day 12: Measuring the Journey
January 12, 2014

12th Jan 2014: Measuring the Journey

This is Day 12 of a 30 Day Post-a-Healthy-Picture challenge

1st Sedentary Circuit Breakers

Half-term success!
November 5, 2012

Half-term trophy! Nov 2012

D: I won the trophy at Sports Camp!! I dreamed about winning the trophy every night! It’s for doing my best and helping other people… I didn’t just help the just small children, but the big ones as well and EVEN the oldest one there – she was WAY more than ten!

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