Superhero dream
November 1, 2012

D: I wish I was Iceman.

Me: Do you? Why?

D: Because he can shoot ice. I had a dream about him. I was Iceman.

Me: Ah – did you save anyone?

D: No, it was only a short one. I did an ice swirl into a hole because there were lots of green goblins, and we ran up it. But Firestar was flying, and so all the heat around her melted the ice – I told her to run! My best friend Liam was there and while the ice was melting he fell down and it started to crack. Then he fell off and onto a roof and he had to go to hospital. Then the dream started again and that’s the end.

Crunchy walking aids
September 26, 2012

D: It’s really dark in here – I need the light on. Because it’s all dark, I might not see the chair and then bash into it and fall on the floor and hurt my knees. And then I’d need crunches – kid’s crunches.

NOT an accident report form…
July 26, 2012

It’s a picture I drew of a pirate in sports camp today, and I had to decorate the biscuit to look JUST like it. The pink marshmallow is the eye patch, the yellow one is his eye, the jelly beans are his ears and the X’s are his blood.


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