Born out of Facebook posts in 2012, this blog represents a joint voyage of discovery between a busy, working mum and her (then) 4-year old son.
To highlight that family matters; that community matters; and to acknowledge the influence of others by sharing some entertaining moments…

The son is called Dylan and the mum is called Becky.
Dylan thought of the blog’s name and Becky is the window dressing… 😉

Also must mention the fantastic family and friends who encouraged the blog in the first place and also a certain Cranfield engineer for advice on platforms and all stuff numerical!

BTW Dylan is VERY excited about his messages being seen in other countries and would now like them to be seen on other planets please! – Specifically Neptune. He pestered me this morning until I showed him where exactly Switzerland was on a map!

3 Responses

  1. Marbles…I didn’t know you had lost them? Thats parenting for you LOL

  2. Hi there! This is lookin’ good! So this is about a boy called Dylan and a woman called Becky, and this talks about books and stuff??? Something I don’t exactly understand about is, what do the people talk about??? I don’t seem to understand a lot of it. But this blog is GREAT, by the looks of it. Anyway, keep writing! alicook2013

    • Hi alicook2013! Thanks for taking the time to drop me a note. I have to admit, the topics can be quite diverse, as it’s about things which seem to be of interest to a young, developing mind. Having said that, the process of blogging has also helped to develop my much older mind, too. As well as learning about related worldwide events via selecting the ‘Related Articles’, it has also helped me to precariously balance my working life with my home life, to develop my listening skills and prevents me from just shouting over my son when things get a bit hectic. It also seems to help with my memory recall, which is an added bonus! Perhaps one day I’ll be able to avoid saying “I missed my son growing up” – even though I work full-time. I also wonder whether anything here will help other working, busy parents – or whether they have similar conversations / their children see things through a similar lens / how they manage. Thanks for your kind encouragement!

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