But I don’t want to leave….

Me: Do you remember us talking before about the vote that people had about us working with the EU, the European Union?

D: Yes.

Me: Well, I want to listen to the news at 8 o’clock because that vote was yesterday and apparently we have voted to leave the EU.

D: But I don’t want to leave! Did you vote?

Me: Yes.

D: What did you vote?

Me: To stay with the EU.

D: Then we can stay can’t we? I don’t want to go!

Me: We don’t have to physically move anywhere, but we won’t work as closely with other European countries as we used to.


Me: Yes! By post, weeks ago. It’s not just about me – our country is a democracy, so however the greatest number of people vote is what happens.

D: Well I still don’t want to leave. What does “pound drops to lowest level since 1984” mean?

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