On your toes

Me: I read somewhere that rubbing Vicks Vaporub into children’s feet can help with a cough at night.

D: Really? …Mum, is there anything that can make painful feet go away?

Me: What do you mean?

D: I mean, when I go to Karate and we run around in bare feet my heels start to hurt. It’s not just in karate though.

Me: You might need to look at how you’re running. Do you run on the balls of your feet?

D: We’re not allowed to run on balls.

Me: It’s a part of your foot – the ball of you foot is just beneath your toes. You should run and do sport on the balls of your feet, without your heel touching the ground – it makes you springier and faster. If you’re running heel-first, you’ll hurt your feet and not be very fast. Have you heard the expression “having it away on your toes?”

D: Yes, but I thought it meant having your toes chopped off or something.

Me: Just remember, don’t put your heels down, stay up on your toes and you’ll be faster.

Next day:

D: Mum, it was awesome! I ran along with the fastest person in the class at break time. I don’t know if they were going at their top speed, but I was only a little bit behind. I reckon I’ve gone from the last quickest to the 5th quickest in the class.

Me: Because you were on your toes and able to spring?

D: Yes!

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