Walking with dinosaurs

D: It’s epic! I LOVE dinosaurs!
Me: Why’s that?
D: Because you get meat-eating ones; plant-eating ones: big ones; small ones; sea ones; land ones; air ones; slow ones; quick ones…
Me: That’s called ‘diversity’.
D: Yes. I wish that they were still alive… But only the kind and gentle plant-eating ones. Like the diplodocus.
Me: Why, what would you do if they were still alive?
D: I’d look at them and I’d stop them from fighting other dinosaurs, even if they weren’t meat eaters, because they’re meant to be kind and gentle.
Me: How would you do that?
D: Um – actually I wouldn’t need to, because they don’t really fight.

2 Responses

  1. that is cute they really don’t fight, I have been reading some dino books as of late, and it has admitted in there that many of the dino behaviors and lifestyles are speculations and opinion, many dinos are based onspeculation on how they looked and moved because they admit on some of them they have only a few bones, even the saurapods heads are guessed at because some of them were so light of bone they didn’t preserve very well. but I still enjoy the pictures and how they might have lookd, I am trying to learn how to paint them and use creative license to change some of it. if I can meander a guess on how they really lived I will post on my blog wisdom of the ages.being practicing drawings too.

    • Thanks roberta4949 – good luck with your creative heads!

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