Amazing people

D: You know the Olympics?

Me: Yes?

D: Mikayla showed me a picture on her phone of a man with no legs, but he had elastic for his legs.

Me: Oh yes, the Paralympics. Those people are amazing!

D: Why?

Me: It’s people without arms and legs and things who’re doing sports anyway. What was the man you saw doing – running? Cycling? Swimming?

D: He was running. So where were his legs?

Me: Gone to heaven – they didn’t work, so he didn’t need them.

D: Did their spirit go?

Me: No, their spirit stayed – that’s why the man was being so amazing at the running. He could have sat at home with no legs and done nothing. But instead of saying “I can’t run”, he said “I CAN run” – he put the elastic things on and he ran. Really fast. He’s proving that you can do anything if you want to do it enough. The most important part of you is your head – with your brain in it.

D: Yeah, and you shouldn’t ever take your brain out.

Me: No, you should avoid taking your brain out.

D: Unless you’re a baddie – then you can be chased and have your brain taken out.

Me: Well, people who behave badly need to be taught to think differently with their brain.

D: Oh, yes…

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