Disappointing letters

D: What’s a speeding ticket?
Me: It’s when the police tell you off for driving the car too fast.
D: How did they see you going fast?
Me: There was a camera by the road and the camera takes a picture when you’re going too fast.
D: How did they see you to tell you off?
Me: They sent a letter in the post telling me off and saying that they would be asking for some money.
D: Why do you have to give them your money?
Me: So I won’t do it again.
D: Did you write a letter back saying sorry and giving them some money?
Me: Yes.
D: But you won’t know where to send it.
Me: They gave me the address in their letter.
D: Oh. Is it far away?
Me: A place called Banbury.
D: Were you the only one they saw?
Me: I don’t know if they got anyone else – probably.
D: Or maybe you were the first one they saw. Why were you going too fast?
Me: I didn’t know I was going that fast. I was probably late to collect you and not looking at the numbers on the dashboard.
D: Maybe you could write that in your letter – say “sorry, but I was late to get Dylan”.
Me: I don’t think that will work – they have to treat everyone the same.
D: Why?
Me: It’s a rule to drive at a certain speed.
D: Was it yesterday?
Me: No, it was before we went on holiday, the letter came whilst we were away.
D: Oh. I thought that letters are exciting news, but that’s just – bad news. It’s a bit disappointing and sad really, isn’t it?

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