Moving on…

D: Do you know how to be a tree?
Me: No
D: Like this… (Stands on one leg with his arms above his head, fingers straight and hands making a pyramid)
Me: That’s a good tree.
D: Yes, my teacher showed it us and it’s an exercise. You might want to add it when you do your exercises. It might be a bit tricky for adults though.
Me: It probably takes a bit of practice. I’ll have a go. But right now we need to be getting washed and dressed.
[D starts practicing his ‘tree’ in various different locations upstairs]
Me: You need to get washed, Dylan – so move the thought of a tree to one side in your head and think about splashing water on your face instead.
D: Right. Splash splash… [washes his face and then freezes]
Mum, the tree’s moved back into my head. And NOW it’s an apple tree… And NOW the apples are falling off…

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