Home alone

D: You could go to the open evening at school and I could stay at home in bed.
Me: I can’t leave you at home on your own, it’s not allowed. They would come and take me away if I left a child alone at home.
D: Who would?
Me: Social Services and the police.
D: Who is Social Services?
Me: They’re people who make sure that children are OK.
D: Well THEY could look after me.
Me: They can’t – they have lots of other children to look after too. They would have to take you away to their home and I don’t want that.
D: So what happens if you’re being looked after by your dad, and your mum’s at a meeting and not back until tomorrow, and then your dad leaves and goes home while you’re having your tea? Where would you sleep then? At the robber’s house?
Me: That wouldn’t be good. Yes, if Social Services knew you were at home on your own they would take you to sleep at their house.
D: …. And if there’s lots of people sleeping at their house – like 100 people – then they would all be squashed wouldn’t they? And that’s not good.

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